What I’ve Been Reading | May 2017

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Hello, everybody! I’m really excited to talk about my book pick for this month with you. I know I typically pick out more light-hearted reads for you all, but I really wanted to talk about this book while everyone is still buzzing about it and the show. And also, I don’t only read YA–I’ve just been devouring it lately. If you haven’t heard about this book or the show Netflix made based on it yet–where have you been? I did watch the show before I read the book, which I try not to do, but it only made me want to pick the book up more.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher follows Clay Jensen as he tries to understand exactly why the girl he liked, Hannah Baker, killed herself. The story is told from both the perspective of Hannah and Clay, and their inner monologue is mixed together in a way I’ve never seen before. Before she commits suicide, Hannah records a collection of cassette tapes listing the 13 reasons she chose to do what she did. The book is a sad mix of rumors, betrayal, disappointment, and mystery. That being said, I think everyone should have to read this book. No, it’s not a topic everyone is comfortable talking about, but it should be. And it’s so important that we do talk about it. There is such a stigma around mental health issues, and the book gives a perfect example of what happens when a person slips through the cracks. This is not a book you’ll be able to forget.

Go out and grab a copy of this book, or just watch the show–do both. And I genuinely hope that the “buzz” surrounding this right now motivates parents and teachers to read this with their teenagers. Everyone deserves kindness, and no one’s voice should go unheard. So go out and spread some kindness today. Let the people close to you know that you care. Smile at a stranger. You never know what someone is going through, so bring some positivity into the world. It goes further than you think.


❤ Taylor ❤


A Rainy Walk in Portland


It’s been raining for months now in the Pacific Northwest. And it doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon. During the long, gray winter months it’s easy to feel cooped up inside. Not that I don’t love laying on my couch and re-watching Gilmore Girls for the 64th time–because I LOVE that. But it’s hard to find inspiration when the only people you see all day are fictional characters. I decided to take a walk the other day–rain be damned!–to clear my mind, and I couldn’t believe how refreshing it felt.

My favorite way to unwind while walking is to listen to a podcast. Namely the Gilmore Guys podcast. Because if I’m not watching, I’m analyzing what I just watched. I swear this is normal. I love people watching too. There’s this tiny bronze beaver statue that some lovely individual dresses up each month. It never ceases to bring me joy. This month’s OOTD–a Columbia Gorge marathon beanie. I mean–just look at him!


This was my first fall in Portland and I have to say–it surpassed all my expectations. It’s endlessly beautiful here. The changing leaves, the river, the beaver statue–all inspire me creatively. And it was totally worth walking in the rain.

fullsizerender10Where do you go to find inspiration? Let me know in the comments!


❤ Taylor ❤