20 Facts About Me



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Hello, everybody! I know I typically talk about baking and beauty and fashion and fitness, but today I thought I’d tell you a little bit more about me. I love reading these on other people’s blogs–I think it gives a deeper insight into the content they post–so I hope you enjoy reading mine. These facts aren’t in any order of importance, and all of them are quite random. Read on to play 20 questions with me!

  1. I was born and raised in Seattle–it will always have a special place in my heart, but Portland has certainly won me over!

2. My favorite color is yellow–it’s so bright and cheery and it just makes me super  happy.

3. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I really really love KathleenLights. She’s probably my favorite American YouTuber. We have very similar style and she cracks me up. I also love all of her beauty collaborations.

4. Speaking of YouTube…I have a bit of a problem. I watch A LOT of it. Mainly British YouTubers. Zoella, Tanya Burr, PointlessBlog, Gabriella Lindley, Patricia Bright, and Sophia and Cinzia. It sounds silly, but while I was living in Texas a few years ago, I didn’t know anyone and my friends and family were thousands of miles away. These YouTubers were really comforting to me and became familiar faces I could look forward to watching. Silly, but also kind of nice.

5. I feel absolutely no shame in saying that I love the Kardashians. Judge me if you must, but honestly it won’t change a thing. I’ve been “keeping up” with them for years. I even have a Kardashian coffee mug (thanks Midori!). And just because I know you’re curious, I’m a Khloe.

6. My all time favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls. I’ve watched it probably over 30 times. I’ve mentioned in a past blog that I even follow the Gilmore Guys podcast where they discuss every single episode (sometimes for over 3 hours). I could probably quote the whole series. It’s my comfort show for sure.

7. I may love baking, but I really hate cooking. I really do try, but somehow everything is a failed attempt. I’m beginning to consider that I may have been cursed.

8. I have two cats–Figaro, who is 2, and Luxe, who is almost 1. They are tuxedo cats and also the cutest cats in the world. Fun fact: Black cats don’t get adopted as often as other cats because people are crazy and superstitious. Which is so silly because black cats are the best.

9. My drink of choice is tequila tonic. It sounds weird but seriously, give it a try. You have to add lime though–that’s what makes it.

10. My favorite season has to be summer. I really love winter because of all the holidays, but summer is just so HAPPY. I love seeing people get outside and enjoy the nice weather, and who doesn’t love the longer days?!

11. Growing up, my best friend and I were OBSESSED with Barbies. I mean…we were die-hard fanatics. I literally had two storage tubs full of them. We would play for hours and create very detailed games. We even created a newspaper for the dolls!

12. That same friend and I also LOVED Mary-Kate and Ashley–she was a Mary-Kate, I was an Ashley. I had posters all over my walls, their calendar, all their books, we watched all their movies, we even had their…Barbies.

13. I don’t necessarily have a favorite food, but my weakness is definitely fries. Waffle, sweet potatoes, shoe string, truffle–give me ALL of them. But actually…please send fries, I’m kind of hungry.

14. I have 3 major girl crushes: Gina Rodriguez, Rachel McAdams, and Mandy Moore. Sigh.

15. My favorite movie of all time is Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand. If you haven’t seen it, which a lot of people haven’t because it’s from the 60’s, go watch it–it’s amazing.

16. My favorite animal is an elephant. I don’t know what it is, but they seem so peaceful to me! Also, they have amazing memories and are super family-oriented.

17. I don’t drink coffee anymore, because it makes me too jumpy, but I still really love the taste. Typically my hot drink of choice is hot chocolate.


18. I always have to have my toenails painted. Is that weird? Probably. I just think it looks so weird when they aren’t. Plus I like the color to reflect my mood.

19. Even though I’m a grown woman I truly enjoy playing The Sims 4. Mock if you must, but I’ve loved playing since I was a teenager. I find it very relaxing and you can be so creative!

20. I couldn’t get through life without my girl squad. My friends are the least judgmental people ever and they just get me. Find friends that love you but also call you out when you’re being crazy. Love you, ladies!

Tell me something interesting about you in the comments below! I’d love to get to know all of you!


❤ Taylor ❤